Crawling through the foggy city

And here I am once again. So much for daily updates, but this works better for everyone involved I think – if I only update every few days I actually have things to talk about instead of just going „nothing interesting happened today“ every second post or so.
Alright, let me tell you about alcohol in the States. It works quite a bit differently than in good ol‘ Germany: if you want to party, you should probably get out at around 10 PM at the latest, since bars actually have to close down at 2 AM at the latest, at least here in San Francisco, so much of what is considered „Nightlife“ here in SF would probably be considered early-evening-life in my dear home country.
Anyways, as you may have heard, American beer is terrible – and that is true as long as we’re talking about the regular brews like Miller’s or similar stuff. Local or speciality brews though are where it’s at and taste quite good (Though I have to say that American beer culture is kinda strange – I remember a girl squeezing a slice of lime into a bottle of beer. Strange stuff.)
Cocktails are great too. Well, the first thing one is likely to notice that cocktails here in the States are seriously strong stuff. Elsewhere, you’d expect a Cuba libre like this: Two fingers of alcohol, three if the bartender’s feeling generous, some ice, a slice of lime, coke to top off the glass. Here, it’s more or less the other way around – a lot of ice, no lime, enough alcohol to make an elephant tipsy and a dash of coke so it looks kinda brownish. I made the mistake of ordering Barcadi 151 with coke. Not doing that again, ever.

I also met some cool folks – a guy from Japan named K (seriously, that’s his name!), an economics student named Anthony (if you look at the pictures, it’s the guy on the bunk bed) a girl from Israel who was looking for some fig vodka (the dark-skinned beauty on the other pic), a traveling girl named Rebecca (the only OTHER girl on the pictures) who was really nice to talk to and some dudes from Australia who were really into beer.

Not much else happened, I have to admit. I got to second place in a Magic draft (M13) last Friday but won no really good cards from it – maybe I’ll have more luck this week. And I learned that you should really watch out when you are buying salad, even in an upperscale market – the „garden greens“ are not quite as tasty as what one might expect. I’ll likely either stick to spinach or some other leafy greens from now on, not a pre-cut mix. The italian cheese dressing is quite tasty though.

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