School Is In Session

Alright, it has been two busy weeks.

Here’s what’s happened so far: I’m working Tuesdays through Thursdays at Gateway High School here in SF, observing and helping two teachers (Mr. Booth in English 12, Mrs. Clobuckle in Creative Writing). When I’m not doing that at the school, I’m either working on my paper or tutoring individual or multiple students. The latter is pretty simple, as questions and problems are – predictably – of a relatively easy nature. How to start an essay or where to find arguments for or against a certain topic, for example.

I’ve also come to the conclusion that Fast Food in the States is way better than in Germany, in price as well as in quality and quantity. I usually go for fastfood in the School’s lunch break: 5 minutes away there is a Subway, a Sushi Station a Panda Express, a Taco Bell and a KFC. Let’s highlight the Panda Express for now – it’s a Chinese fastfood place with „only“ 10 entrees to chose from, as well as 4 differend sides (steamed rice, noodles, veggies, fried rice). You get 2 entrees and a side as well as a (refillable) fountain drink for 9 bucks and believe me, that is more than enough to fill up. Why don’t we have good places like that?

Magic is still going well, with me winning two more FNM drafts for prizes. Spoilers for Return to Ravnica are starting to get released and this set is starting to look amazing. I’m really looking forward to the prerelease.

Other than that, me and Jason – the one designer from 2kGames working on Xcom – met up with two other guys, John and Jacobb (yes, two bs) today and played a couple of board games, some magic and hung out. Awesome evening.

Alright, thats all for now, probably more tomorrow or the day after. Here’s some pictures for now. The guys, what lactose-free milk looks like in the Lucky supermarket, some of my roommates here in my building (the guys from Austria) and some sights around the Lower Haights.

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