We Don’t Need No Education

…or at least that is what it feels like at times. If I haven’t posted in three weeks it isn’t only because I’m a lazy ass but also because they have been pretty busy, what with me being pressured to finish my paper (just to get an automated reply that my professor took a vacation until October 10th) and school. Students confuse me at times – one day they are motivated, quick on the uptake and have great ideas. Other days – like today – they do not grasp simple concepts, interrupt constantly, are loud, unmotivated and unpleasant to interact with. Ah, to be a teenager again.
Other than that, I’ve been to two Safeways in the last week, a supermaket chain that you can find in most of the States and that is apparently pretty easy to navigate as every supermarket looks more or less the same. They really do, I was impressed. Not as impressed as by the frankly insane amount of different products they offer or as by the fact that apparently no supermarket in the States seems to carry Szechuan pepper, but still. I’ve even taken some pictures (okay, a lot) to add to that.

Other than that, nothing much has happened. I’ve discovered that pulled pork is delicious, that I really like Dr. Pepper and that you only need 4 people to really party, though it helps if everyone is actively trying to have a good time and will drink alcohol. I also discovered that pre-mixed cocktails, even the cheap ones, can be pretty damn good. We tried Long Island Iced Tea, which was a bit too sweet but still nice.

This weekend is the prerelease-event for Return to Ravnica, the most anxiously awaited Magic expansion in… at least 3 years. I’ve got a reservation for a spot both on a midnight release and on the next day – and if my luck and experience do not desert me, I should be going home with some prizes! It’s going to be a magical weekend, if you’ll pardon the pun.

Oh, and I discovered that American LARP players are apparently mostly pussies (the derogatory – they are not cats. At least not that I’m aware of). Really? Foam weapons? Aluminium armor? Not actually shooting arrows but throwing sacks instead? Jeez. More on that (maybe) later.
Till then, all the best


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