Arrival sans flowers in my hair

Alright, this is my second rewrite of this particular post. I’ll just skip all the unimportant stuff since I don’t really want to write the same things again and again.

My flight to San Francisco was okay, but a bit cramped. If you are taller than 6’5 (like me) – either get a seat on the aisle next to a small person or don’t fly economy class. My knees were killing me.

When I arrived at SF International, I „quickly“ went through the check-in and customs (this is sarcasm in case of the first, as I had to wait in line for nearly 2 hours, but factual in case of the second as I was just waved through) and got a taxi to the city. 50 bucks later I arrived at the HI-Hostel Downtown. Not a bad place, I can recommend it.

Anyways, I met my first roomie, Savion (pic of him is below) who is 16 and aiming to go to Julliard, a very prestigious music college. He’s an all-around nice guy. We hit it off right away and went to explore the city. The central mall is HUGE and feels uber-decadent (though I haven’t been to Macey’s yet, so we’ll see…).

Burgers at a joint called „Super Duper“ were great and made up for the crappy food during the flight. 25°C (or in the high 70s on the Fahrenheit scale) and little wind made the city quite unplesant but we quickly found some shadowy parts that were very pleasant to be in.

A lot of money was spent on essentials too – tooth paste, a data plan and a mobile plan (costing a cool $100 a month), adapters for the wall sockets, etc. Tomorrow I’ll be getting new sunglasses.

And now, I’m off to bed.

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Prep Time

Whatta day. Packing my bags for the flight tomorrow, I’m coming to a total of ~36lbs., which is 10lbs. below what I can transport; which is awesome, since it means that I can bring back extra stuff for me and my friends without paying extra for the weight (assuming that customs doesn’t have to say a thing or two about that…).

Anyways, my things are tucked safely away and my heart’s beating really fast. My first time abroad on my own, it’s quite a thrill. Everthing that I want to transport in my onboard baggage fits as well (thanks to my dad buying me a new bag).

San Francisco, here I come!

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